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Palm Springs, CA, United States for an Instagram Inspired Weekend

I spent a few days in Palm Springs, California for what turned into a very Instagram-inspired trip! It started out with booking at the Saguaro Hotel, a very colorful hotel where chances are, you’ve seen pictures on someone’s Instagram! Then, it snowballed into several other hot spots that were inspired by popular Instagram photos. 

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A longer, fuller version of my trip to Palm Springs will be up on my blog next week. But for now, let me introduce you to some of these photogenic places you need to visit: 

Saguaro Hotel – First things first. One of the most Instagrammed hotels, the Saguaro Palm Springs. Trust me when I say it’s just as bright and colorful as it is in photos. Your door color matches the furniture color in the room, how cute is that? I ended up with a red room which was pretty intense. I would have much preferred…any other color, ha! The public areas, restaurants, lobby, room decorations, everything was charming. Overall, I adored the hotel. Their restaurant, El Jefe was also a great spot considering it’s a hotel restaurant. Their margaritas are strong and their nachos was to die for – I think I ordered one per day I was there – #noshame. I highly recommend booking a pool-view room as it enhances the colorful Saguaro experience. The pool and courtyard area is perfect for picnics, playing in the bachi ball court and of course, endless opportunities for photo-shoots! If you’ve wanted to stay here or just looking for hotels in Palm Springs, look no further. Highly recommend!

The Great Shakes – First of all, how clever is this name? I discovered their milkshakes, surprise, through Instagram. As a self-proclaimed milkshake connoisseur, I had to give it a try. Since Palm Springs was 100 degrees while I was there, a milkshake sounded perfect anyway. Their small shop is decorated in the classic Palm Springs pastel colors and decorations. Their entire blackboard bursting with different flavors made it difficult to make a decision! We got the Key Lime Pie and Cake Shake. Can we take a moment to appreciate the mini donut through the straw? It was so good I could have eaten a dozen of those mini donuts. 

Cheeky’s – Not only am I a self-proclaimed milkshake connoisseur, I’m also a brunch connoisseur 🙂 After several recommendations, I ended up at Cheeky’s. After a 45 minute wait in the scorching heat, I sure was excited to order a watermelon agua fresca! We started with the glazed donut with strawberry-rhubarb filling followed by the Peach Pie Filled French Toast and the Custard Egg and Bacon dish. The donut wasn’t worth $4. It was a normal donut you can get from a gas station filled with very sour jam – I would skip it next time. The French Toast, Egg dish and my agua fresca were delicious, though! I would suggest going later like we did around 1PM, so the wait is “shorter” (45 minutes). I hear it can be up to a 2 hour wait during busy times!

That Pink Door – Bonus spot! The residents of this perfectly Palm Springs home has their own Instagram account, @ThatPinkDoor and hashtag #ThatPinkDoor! I love that they own the fact that their great taste in doors has made their home Insta-Famous. To be honest, I felt a little bit guilty and invasive driving up to someone’s home and taking a photo! That being said, I’m pretty excited about how the photo turned out. Cuteness overload!


That’s about it! I had so much fun in Palm Springs! It’s a lot smaller than I expected but that makes it easy to get around, which I appreciated. The architecture in Palm Springs is what impressed me the most. If you end up visiting, take some time driving through residential areas – it’s like driving through an architectural museum! Can’t wait to go back soon!


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At The Great Shakes, if you check in through Yelp, you get a free upgrade!

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