Pandanon Island, Bohol, Philippines for Island Hopping

I was thinking of what other places that I’ve been to so that I could post my experiences here in Jrrny and it was a good thing that I remembered my journey in this place before. Lol, to be honest I forgot about mentioning this place. Hmm maybe because my mind was already so full of a lot of island hopping and this was just buried right behind my head LOL.

Pandanon Island is an island found near Bohol, so technically speaking it is still a part of Bohol though there is no one living in that island. The last time I went in Pandanon Island was during 2009, when I was still in my highschool years. It was when the island was still very virgin and very untouched. The sands were very white and you can rarely see trashes near the shoreline. The waters were very clear (this is the usual thing I observe everytime I go to new places/beaches I’ve been to ^_^). Green algae weren’t that many yet. It was the first island hopping that I was able to go with my family.

We went to Pandanon Island just recently, about 5 months ago. I was together with my friends that time and we went island hopping in some islands near the Mactan island. We decided to have some islands near Bohol as a part of our itinerary and I quickly suggested to have Pandanon Island since I wasn’t able to go that place for years already. My friends agreed with my suggestion, and this led us to Pandanon Island, once again.

So yeah, after 6 years I was back again in that place. I was kinda frustrated though since the virgin island that I’ve been to before, isn’t that virgin anymore. A lot of people have already been to that place, and I was kinda jealous or really sad with it. If only I own the island, I won’t allow anyone to enter that place so that the serenity and the beauty of the island would still remain. The island is still beautiful though, but it is not what it was 6 years ago. However, I still recommend people to come and visit this beautiful island since this is still a nice place to visit to and have fun with family and friends.

I’m not bashing the place but then I was just comparing the island I saw 6 years ago and the island that I saw 5 months ago. It’s never too late though to save the island. I hope it doesn’t get worse just like what happened to Boracay.

This island hopping was still worth the experience and memories because I was able to spend good time with my friends. This was a memorable island hopping that I had together with my friends. Another U.N.F.O.R.G.E.T.T.A.B.L.E day indeed!

See you in the next Jrrnys that I will be posting!

Insider Tip

One of Bohol’s most famous delicacy is Kalamay. It’s very delicious. You should go and try it some time!

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Pandanon Island

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