Paris for Eiffel Tower Romantic Tour

For spending some romantic moments with my girlfriend. We choose Paris as our next holiday destination. I think there is no need of describing Paris at all. As we all know Paris is one of the best places for having a tour. It is a total beauty having so many attractive places. To be honest it has so many tourable places that we make a 15 days tour plan for this holiday. In short I can’t explain you all the places but in my next couple of journey, you will find a lot’s of cool and amazing place I visited in Paris. It is one of most beautiful places in the world. Some people even thought that Paris is the Capital of modern civilization. Actually, their thoughts are even true.

After having a long flight we both got very tired. So at very first we came to the hotels and collects the room key from the reception. We were both got tired. At first, we take a shower and some quick nap. We stayed at the ” Hotel Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel “. This hotel is one of the best accommodation for visitors. It is well decorated and has some cool modern facility for their customer. The most attractive package of their service is, they will offer you a free breakfast as long as you stayed in the hotel. Is it really fancy, right? I found it very profitable as they give amazing breakfast item which was super delicious.

After refreshing ourselves by taking a nap. We get ready very quickly for having a tour in the Eiffel Tower. For what we travel this far!! We reach there in the afternoon and see how amazing this place is! It is even better what we have seen in the movies. There is a lot of sight-seeing areas where you can explore. The tower is so high and from the bottom part is looks very lovely. So I just think from the bottom it looks like this from the top view how much we can enjoy. I felt in love with this place by looking at all road. Because they are super cool having a lot of cool resources like cafe, restaurants and bars all around.

The tower has several services for the visitors. We climbed all through the tower by lift and you know what it was one of the great moments in my life. It was a nice view it seems I see the whole Paris from here. It was night time so all the way I can see beautiful lights all around was twinkling, there was a river the blue water was one of the best views I have from there.

Next, we stopped at a restaurant what they build in the tower. He has some coffee and hem-burger. After finishing our mile we come back to the hotel. It was really a nice romantic experience with my girlfriend. As in the top, we dance with each other and capture some photo what you can see.

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Interesting things about the place is it has several restaurants and some apartments also. What I find very interesting.

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    How did you end up in Las Vegas?

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