Paris, France for ...Mexican Food?

I am a huge (HUGE) fan of Mexican food, but it can be hard to find while traveling. On a recent trip to Paris, I sort of shrugged off the idea of finding a satisfactory set of tacos and assumed I’d just enjoy a ton of great Parisian food. On my fourth day in the City of Love…lo and behold…I saw Distrito Frances. It beamed with South of the Border glory (and really cute decor). I all but forgot what country I was in after I walked through the door.

I was greeted warmly, and immediately. It was getting to be night time, so it was pretty packed on the first floor. I made my way up the stairs, took a seat on a cozy couch and started browsing the menu. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Certainly not your run of the mill Americanized joint, but also not wholly Mexican. It was the coolest fusion I’ve seen to date. Sort of…Asian? I ordered their Da F*ckin Burrito and a Mexican Mule. Completely perfect.

Photo: Distrito Frances

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