Paris, France for Post-culture Fun

If you’re incredibly lucky like myself to have a sister living in Paris, then you know that the bastion of art and culture is only a two-hour low-cost flight away. And I definitely did exploit this, travelling back and forth many times and soaking up all the atmosphere at places like the Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, Pompidou and many others. But what happens when you get over-saturated with art? This is what I did.

I was staying in the 10th arrondissement, near to the Place de la République, which was pretty convenient for getting around, especially if I wanted to avoid the metro (which I did). I’d start my day with buying pastries at a local Polish bakery (can’t ever go TOO far away from home), continuing around the area around the Goncourt metro station, which is pretty good for clothes shopping on a budget. Next, I enjoyed just going up and down Canal Saint-Martin, which is lined with cute cafes and restaurants (although in Paris I found it difficult to get food outside of designated meal times, for some reason). Despite not being a huge fan of Irish pubs abroad, the Cork and the Cavan on Quai the Jemmapes was great and the staff was really nice, providing me much needed comfort of talking in English after spending days embarrassing myself in broken French.

At night time, the canal becomes packed with young people, street performers and others who have ventured outside for a bit of outdoors drinking. A great way to end the day is to visit Point Ephémère, a really cool venue located on the other side of the canal on Quai de Valmy, where you catch some cool bands or just have fun on a regular club night.

Where I stayed / started

Sister's place in the 10th

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