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Paris is always full of experiences whether to say in terms of attractions, sights, shopping or food. Paris boasts with aura of vibrant modern city and also called city of lights as the whole city is illuminated beautifully at night and offers spectacular views. Paris is an international city with abundance of diverse and colourful attractions. French cuisine is famous worldwide for its rich flavours and Paris hub of great restaurants and countless number of cafes. The classic French bistros offer the traditional French experience in terms of dishes as well as ambience. These places offering French delicacies are scattered all around the city and locals don’t hesitate to travel from one corner to other to treat their taste buds. If you want to explore and try some of the best local and international dishes you can also have a car rental Paris Orly Airport and travel conveniently. Locals in Paris love to eat outside and here I have shortlisted some of the best places to eat like locals in Paris.



It is a must try cafe for having best sandwiches in the Paris. It is one of the favourite spot of locals and foie grass and boudin noir macarons are local favourites. You can treat your taste buds with some of the best flavours here at affordable prices.



It is an oldest covered market of Paris packed with so many food stalls and cafes attracting locals as well as tourists. You can try huge variety of food here from French traditional to Lebanese, Moroccan and Japanese. This market is bit crowded but worth more exploring and finding some of the best food in Paris.



This is one of the finest and best original Parisian bakery located alongside the Canal Saint-Martin. You can have Paris’ best croissants, pain des amis and fresh bread here.



Chez Jeanette offers an exciting blend of French delicacies with Mediterranean cuisine. Locals in Paris love to come here and its also a popular place for them to plan a get together. The great company, amazing food and funky atmosphere makes this place an ideal stop if you want to enjoy classic French atmosphere.





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