Patagonia: The Paradise of South America for Patagonia: The Paradise of South America

Patagonia is the most beautiful crafted place by the Creator, in the whole South America continent. The site is the southernmost portion of South America. The region is sparsely populated and is shared by the Argentina and Chile government. The district covers the southern part of the Andes Mountains, plus deserts, pampas, and grasslands in the eastern direction to the south section of the Andes.

1. Argentine Lake District

The Lake District is located in the northwestern point of Argentine Patagonia, stretching herself. The lake forms a sandwich between the Andes with Chilean Patagonia from one side and Atlantic Patagonia from another side. The place has got great and impressive vistas from every possible angle. San Carlos is the primary hub and centre of attraction. Come around the Nahuel Huapi national park.


The local cuisine, lounging outdoors, and the breathtaking sceneries will just blow one’s mind. The Bustillo is more of human-made beauty, the heart of the city, you will unveil the European architecture inscribed with regional hardwood accents, this builds up an urban setting.

2. Perito Moreno Glacier


The southern tip of the Glacier National Park in South Patagonia, nature’s most beautiful glaciers exist. They are even famous by the name of Grey Glaciers, Perito Moreno. Unlike the earth’s most significant natural calamity of melting of the 95 percent of glaciers, this one stands out and says ‘NO’ to melting; instead, it keeps on growing.

Thousands of visitors come to enjoy the view of the towering crystal pointed glaciers. Recently some of the visitors even presented the suggestion of mini-trekking along Moreno’s southern boundary.

3. Southern Patagonia

The sights here will drop your jaws — having Grey Glaciers, Mt. Fitz Roy, and Cueva de Las Manos, the place pulls culture-hounds and the ones who look for nature. The rustic district is located in the east direction from the Chilean boundary line.


Most of the travelers choice is El Chaltén or El Calafate to feel the involvement in Patagonia’s rugged backcountry. From here, one can relish the peaking ice fields and the stretched verdant forests. The daring hearts choose to hike and trek up the jagged mountains and the area’s high intense ice fields.

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4. Punta Tombo

Approximately 500 thousand Magellanic penguins move to Punta Tombo every year to acquaintances. The place is loathed with plenty of these marvelous creatures, the trails here can easily lead you to their habitat, and then you can observe or play around with them. The reports from the visitors also inspire that the place is built for the trek too, apart from mixing up with the feathered penguins.


The species apart from penguins are also seen here like cormorants and oystercatchers building up their houses in the region. If one is fortunate to travel in September and March, then he perhaps has a chance of seeing the lounging seals and guanacos.

5. Atlantic Patagonia

The alluring Patagonian area comprises of wildlife heavens plus some bizarre Welsh villages. Here, one will have an advantage of seeing or spotting tea connoisseurs flocking to nearest towns — Trelew and Gaiman, to look for the absolute brew and throngs of travelers got gathered in Peninsula Valdes while the season of whale watching is happening.  


The simplest way to reach the Peninsula Valdes is through by catching a car or bus from the station Puerto Madryn, or main cities like Trelew, Atlantic Patagonia. The wildlife sanctuary situated in Puerto Madryn is also worth giving a sot.

6. Mount Fitz Roy

The broken granite mountain is 11,000 feet high over El Chaltén in Southern Patagonia. This mountain in ancient times was named as Chalten, which means that a smoking mountain, but after some time it was named to Sir. Robert Fitz Roy who once guided Charles Darwin into the continent aboard the HMS Beagle.

The explorers or the adventurous people will surely love this mountain because this has got the difficulties which hinder even the adept hikers. Brig the trek shoes along with to enjoy and conquer the mountain.

7. Egidio Feriglio Paleontology Museum

This is a paleontological museum which takes the travelers back to centuries ago. The pre-historic time where four galleries are demonstrated with 1,700 fossils. The museum was named after the famous Italian Paleontologist who did his research on ancient Cretaceous, Mesozoic plant fossils, and Tertiary. The research is also done here as it is the primary Patagonia research institute.

The antiques here are 150 million years old having dinosaur skeleton of meiolanidos turtle aging around 60 million years. The ones who have visited the place applaud the museum so much.

The Closure


Patagonia is one of the paradises on earth. The place has so many things that there is a sure possibility that one might leave some areas unmentioned in the article.

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