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Peapack and Gladstone, NJ, United States for 5 Unique Millennial Proposal Trends to Watch Out For This December

December is the month of love. Between the snuggle-inducing weather, the magic of the holidays, and the constant cheerful festivities going on, love is in the air. Out of all 12 months of the year, December is, without a doubt, the most popular month to make the grandest gesture of all – proposing.

Traditionally speaking, proposals consisted of a man getting down on one knee and asking his sweetheart for her hand in marriage. Yet with the baby boomer generation moving out of the (typical) proposal age range and the millennial generation moving into it, let’s take a glance at a few of the exciting and creative ways millennials are choosing to propose to one another.

Millennial Proposal Trends to Watch

Destination Proposal

Never before has there been a generation so passionate about travel. Millennials are known for their desire to explore the globe and will find any excuse to do so! It’s becoming quite the trend to design an entire “proposal trip.” A romantic getaway to Hawaii, an urban adventure in Boston or New York, or on a grand estate surrounded by beautiful nature. Proposing millennials can be found across the globe. The best part of destination proposals is that afterward, the couple will have a destination to return to year after year to celebrate their engagement anniversary!

Mutual Proposal

The traditional notion of the man proposing to the woman is becoming less common; instead, we’re seeing an increase in mutual proposals. Rather than one-half of the couple surprising the other half, the couple decides, together, to become engaged, and chooses a day to celebrate the happy decision. This celebratory engagement day may consist of gathering friends and family for a party or keeping it intimate with each person planning small surprises for the other. Sometimes the decision to get married doesn’t involve a proposal at all – the couple simply discusses the matter and decides it’s the best next best step for the relationship.

Hidden Proposal Photography

It’s never been easier to have picture-proof of, well, anything… and what could be more exciting to look back upon than a proposal?! With most millennials choosing to pre-plan exactly how they want to surprise their significant other, it’s simple enough to hire a photographer or enlist the help of friends and family, to be discreetly hidden away, ready to capture the brilliant moment. Not only will your sweetheart be overjoyed with love and excitement about being engaged, but now he or she will have a whole set of gorgeous and meaningful photos to share with loved ones and cherish forever. Besides, who doesn’t love seeing pictures of themselves crying with happiness?

Pushing The Creativity Bar High

Gone are the days of doing as others do. Millennials seem to enjoy finding new and creative ways for everything, and proposing is no different. Instead of getting down on one knee at a fancy restaurant, a millennial beau might arrange for the wait staff to break out in a flash mob featuring the proposal at the end. Rather than going for a romantic walk and then proposing, a millennial might choose to go for said walk, ask a nearby pedestrian to take a photo, and then drop down to one knee. Anything goes – from scavenger hunts to proposing while skydiving, the more creative, the better!

Involving Friends and Family in the Big Event

Not only are millennials brainstorming the most creative ways to propose, but many millennial couples are utilizing friends and family in the creativity and surprise as well. This can be a sweet way to forge the familial bond with your sweetheart’s family and to ensure both sides feel included in the entire process. A great example would be a treasure hunt, for instance. The person intending to propose might design a treasure hunt, with the treasure being them proposing, and at each progressive “clue,” a family member is waiting, ready to present said clue. Then, in the end, after proposing, everyone can congregate together somewhere for a celebration of the happy future union.

Few moments are as important and meaningful as asking someone for forever, and we love watching and learning about the creative and heartfelt ways millennials choose to propose to one another. If you have a unique and happy story of your millennial proposal, please share!

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‘Tis the season to share the love, and we wish you your loved one’s happy holidays and a magical new year!

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Let us help you with one of the most important details – the proposal destination.

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