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The fast growing trend of serving coffee in chic, conceptual surrounds has spread to Penang and you will see a number of cool cafes especially around the Georgetown area. Though there are still lots of traditional old Chinese cafes left which serve cheap coffee and snacks, these trendy essential staples of urban life stand out for their quirky interior designs, some of which use elements of cultural novelties to help them stand out. From the bizarre to the brilliant, these weirdly and wonderfully themed cafes have definitely made a java-sized impact on the island’s conventional dining scene and we name the names that really matter. 


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Miam Miam Café

 Miam Miam Café is not only the embodiment of hipster culture with its great interior design (think, Peranakan mosaic tiles, contrasting with sky blue metal chairs and cosy marble top tables) and a central location in Gurney Paragon Mall, but also because the food and drinks are some of the best you’ll find around. The place sees a crowd of young urbanites – way too cool for chain options like Starbucks – willing to wait for good food for up to 45 minutes at peak times. However, the food is really worth it and steals the show, from start to finish.


Pik Nik Café

Just off Nagore Road in Georgetown, Pik Nik Café is a quaint bohemian-esque café that certainly proves old world charm can make a roaring comeback. You could not ask for a more nostalgic place to bring a book and spend an afternoon surrounded by antiques of a bygone era, in a cozy home-away-from-home setting. It has got to be one of the most beautiful and eclectic coffee shops we have ever visited – you even get your bill in an old metal medicine box. Plan to bring your appetite because portions here are pretty huge, which helps you stomach the final bill as almost everything on the menu can be shared. 

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