Philadelphia, PA, United States for Art

My mam flew over from Ireland to visit me. We both have a yearning for Art, and since living here one thing I have been longing to do is have a day filled with ART. Our hotel was extremely central and lovely, might I add. There was a rooftop pool with the most breathtaking view of the city. I would 100% recommend going up there.

Before we began our Artsy day out, we had a delicious breakfast in the Irish Pub/Restaurant at the hotel. Our hotel was about a 20 minute walk to the Philadelphia Art Museum. On our way, we came across the Rodin Museum. If you are a lover of sculptures, this Museum is a MUST. Many people would know Rodin’s most popular pieces of work, “The Thinker” and also, “The gates of hell”, which he worked on for nearly 37 astonishing years. Even the grounds of the museum are magnificent.

We then made our way to the Philadelphia Art Museum. Before getting to the Museum, we first had to conquer the famous Rocky Steps and seeing an adorable dog run the entire way up to the Rocky Theme Tune definitely gave us some motivation . The Museum was absolutely stunning. American Art, Arms and Armor, Asian Art, European Art, Modern and Contemporary Art, Prints, Drawings and Photographs, are all the beautiful collections on display to examine and appreciate. My favorite pieces were from Claude Monet. I vividly recall studying Monet in Art History class years ago and always being fascinated with his work, so it was awesome to see all of his outstanding pieces up close.

If you are in Philadelphia, and would like to have an ARTSY day out, these two places are definitely worth visiting.

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