Phoenix, AZ, United States for Arizona Science Center

Popped into the Arizona Science Center the other day. I’ve I typically stick to art museums when I get to a new city but I heard this one was worth a visit. I had a great time at the exhibit and found myself wandering around to each section back and forth for a few hours. I really enjoyed the DNA center they had there. It was really informative and broke down a lot of things I had never heard about DNA and the study of it. Each section of the exhibit has some for of interaction between the visitors and the creations on display. The tour guide was very helpful and the woman who led our group was really informative. She made the whole experience relaxed by dropping some one liners I’m sure she uses a hundred times a day. Regardless she made the experience seem fresh and fun for her as well. The museum is open daily from 10am-5pm so I recommend catching the early crowd to make the most of the museum. Here is a link to the site. They change the features in the museum so check the site and make sure it is something you are interested in!

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