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Phoenix, AZ, United States for Floating the Salt River

We are locals to Phoenix area but had yet to float the Salt River. Any city usually has a local river to float down, but the Salt River is incomparable! The water is perfectly cool mountain water, in the Phoenix sun it is wonderfully refreshing and not too cold. The combination of the cool water with the hot sun is so relaxing as you float down the river, seeing beautiful views of the red rock mountains against the blue waters. It’s truly beautiful. The river was crowded with many floaters, there were multiple stereos and so we had great music the entire float down the river. You can go as fast or as slow as you’d like really with strong currents in some parts of the river. We loved floating down the river as a great weekend activity!

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Buy your own tubes and park directly by the river! It allows you to skip the hassle and lines of renting.

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