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The program of the Yoga Teacher Training Course developed by Yoga Nisarga, Thailand, is approved and recognized by the Yoga Alliance in USA. It aims to provide a solid foundation in the Philosophy of Classical Yoga ( Patanjali Ashtanga Yoga ), Lifestyle Principles in Yoga and Yoga Techniques . The course will provide the aspirant of Yoga and the teachers in formation, the guidelines for Personal Development and Familiarization with Spiritual Consciousness, also the Didactic and the Appropriate Methodology for the transmission of the Knowledge and the Teaching of the Yoga , to people of any age that do not show serious health condition.

Participants who complete the course successfully will receive a Yoga Teacher Certificate recognized internationally by the International Board of Yoga in India and the Yoga Alliance in the USA.

Our Didactics and Methodology



Yoga is intimately related to life and living. It is difficult to identify Yoga with only one aspect of life – physical, intellectual, emotional, etc. Although, in yoga, all these areas are interrelated. We must bear in mind that techniques exist to help us bring philosophy to practice, that is, help us apply it in everyday life.

In this way, traditionalists in Yoga recommend a combination of right feelings and attitudes ( bhavas ) with certain selected physical activities ( asanas , etc.) . If the activity is of the right kind and the attitude also enriches the person’s conscience, the whole exercise is very rewarding and uplifting. 

Yoga Activities from Yoga Teacher Training Course

With this in mind, Yoganisarga Yoga TTC Academy follows the Methodology of the oldest Yoga Institute in the world in India, used in its Yoga Teacher Training for more than five decades. A method of teaching Yoga based on Attitude and Apprenticeship Training based on Experience , using techniques with guidance in Bhavas (attitude) and Conceptual Activities to convey the philosophy and techniques of Yoga, which have more impact on the conscious and subconscious mind.

Please understand that in the 200-hour Yoga Yoga Training Program in-depth Yoga therapy is not included, however the advantages and restrictions of yoga techniques will be carefully examined. Principles of Lifestyle Management and Yoga Techniques will also be presented for the prevention of major diseases, caused by the stressful and hectic lifestyle of today. 

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