Pinnawala, Western Province, Sri Lanka for Baby elephants!

I would be lying if I said one of the main reasons for visiting Sri Lanka wasn’t the fact that I would get to hang out with elephants, as is the probably the case with many tourists. Pinnawala is a ride away from Kandy and its orphanage holds usually elephants who were abandoned as babies. It was much bigger than I expected (stupid on my part, it was literally built for elephants), but if you dedicate enough time, you could explore most of it. We arrived early enough for feeding time (I believe it was somewhere around nine o’clock), when we could feed the little ones straight out of the bottle. After feeding time, the elephants are taken to the river for some quality (splashing) playtime, which was probably the best part of our visit. Later, we paid a little extra so we could get to ride an elephant – an experience which was exciting, but one that I am still quite ambivalent about! All in all, definitely worth a visit if you are in Sri Lanka.

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