Piran, Slovenia for Mediterranean the Slovenian Way

For most people, first images that come to mind when someone mentions Slovenia is picturesque Alpine landscapes coupled up with rustic, central European feel. But Slovenia is so much more than that – and even though its part of the Adriatic coast is only small, it’s really beautiful and well worth visiting.

Probably the most popular and charming town on the Slovenian coast is Piran, which actually used to be Italian territory until after World War Two. The town is like a mini-Kotor (Montenegro) or a mini-mini-Dubrovnik (Croatia), if you like – which is good, because that means it’s super easy to get around on foot without being too crowded. We started form Tartini’s Square, near which our hostel was located and then went from there. I liked going up the town walls, which allowed me to take some amazing photos of the entire town from up top. For meals, we went down to the Prešernovo nabrežje for meal on the waterfront. You can also have a cheeky swim if you don’t mind the whole beachless, rock jetties thing that’s present in most of the Adriatic resorts.

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Youth Hostel Pirano


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