Pismo Beach, CA for Camping & Monarch Butterflies

I stayed with my family at the North Beach Campground in Pismo, which was incredible. Nestled in sand dunes, sprawling green spaces, picnic tables, fire pits, and a super short walk to the beach. We spent three days and four nights there (we had road tripped from a few hours north). We learned from some fellow campers that the campground is RIGHT next to a grove where monarch butterflies migrate every year to settle in the eucalyptus trees. They’re only there a relatively short time (late October – February), but we happened to be there in late November, so we went over to take a peek. It was absolutely breathtaking! Tons of butterflies, each laying the back of its wings over the top of the next to form these crazy looking chains all over the trees. We also met an expert who regularly gives informal educational talks at the grove. She explained that they actually form those little conga lines for warmth. Adorable!

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North Beach Campground


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