Podgorica, Montenegro for Fritters and Independent Bookshops

Podtorica might not be on everyone’s radar when they visit Montenegro – and yeah, even though it pales in comparison with the country’s gorgeous seaside, you shouldn’t dismiss Podgorica just yet – the busy capital is rapidly growing and expanding its cultural and tourist offer.

If you arrive to Podgorica in the morning, like I did, make sure to visit this tiny little deli/bakery just around the corner from the bus stop. This is where they make the local delicacy called priganice – fritters that are served with delicious salty soft cheese known to this region of Montenegro. Podgorica is really easy to get around in – and walking everywhere is a delight because of the town’s many green surfaces and park (and the cool giant Transformers statues that were for some reason randomly scattered across the city when I visited). This particular day, I explored the old town (Stara Varos), built during the Ottoman reign, in a style known for its little shops and alleyways. Next I went across the New Bridge and onwards to a lovely little independent bookshop and cafe called Karver – located in a space under a bridge that was once a Turkish bath.

In the evening, me and some friend went into the town center to get a taste of Podgorica’s vibrant nightlife, evidenced by the fact that all bars and cafe always seem to be packed with people. To summarize, visiting Podgorica was a surprisingly satisfying experience!

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Cousin's place near the bus station

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