Ponta da Piedade, Lagos, Portugal for Maybe the Most Beautiful Coastline in the World

While in Lagos, I heard about one of Portugal’s “you must experience this”-type activities: Ponta de Piedade. It was originally described to me by a fellow out-of-towner as a beach, but it’s actually not technically a beach, in the classic sense of the word. What it *is*, though: a breathtaking arrangement of huge rock formations, jutting up into a jewel blue sky and out into crystal clear waters.

There are a lot of ways to get there: on foot, by boat, car, kayak, or stand-up paddle board – so many options! I decided to take the nearly 1 and a half mile walk from the Lagos city center, which led me along the coastline and past several enticing beaches. (You’d better believe I went back for some sandy R&R…but that’s a different jrrny. : ) What was so cool about these beaches is that they weren’t just strewn along the coastline in plain sight, but actually tucked here and there between the rock formations.

The common end point for the walk from Lagos is the lighthouse on Ponta de Piedade. It’s a bit of a hike as there is quite a bit of uphill work involved, but it’s absolutely worth it. I happened to make the trip in the evening, and was able to catch the first bit of the sunset from the top. I was so taken with the view that I sat up there – just me, my iPod, and a total disregard for every other person in the universe – for probably an hour. There is also a 180-step staircase that leads visitors closer to the beach, but – as my tired legs reminded me – what goes down, must come up. So I stayed at the top.

When I was ready to make my return to Lagos, I made a pitstop at Restaurante O Camilo, where I had an incredible snack of olives, vegetable soup, and a glass of delicious Portuguese wine.

Insider Tip

Restaurante O Camilo seems to be *super* popular. Since I was just one person, they were able to seat me pretty fast, but I would recommend a reservation for groups of two or more.

Where I stayed / started

Dom Pedro Meia Praia Beach Club


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