Port Blair for A Pleasant Day in Andaman Nicobar Islands

Andaman Nicobar Islands is a place of picturesque scenery. The unabashed beauty of the place leads the travellers to this enigma. Blessed with nature mother, the travellers can enjoy serene times. The silvery sand beaches, the rich dense forest with greenery all around and the exotic flora and fauna, all call the tourist make a visit to this place. First, let’s get navigated to the less explored islands like Long Island which is famous for it’s cobalt water and picturesque beaches. Kitchen Island, which is famous for it’s accreditation regarding the touch of the first ray of sun. And the untouched Cinque island which itself considered as a sanctuary of myriad flora, fauna and corals. The place is untouched by the local inhabitants. So to enjoy the place, abundant tour packages are available in the market, get ready to explore the beauty.

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Port Blair

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