Portland, OR for a Casual Night Out at Free House

There are plenty of bars in Portland, but it’s tough to find one that feels like a comfy neighborhood bar that isn’t also a dive. Free House sits perfectly in that category. I went in on a Thursday evening during happy hour and there were a few people there, but there was a good amount of space to saunter up to the bar to order. The bartender (totally forget his name…errgh) was super friendly and knowledgeable. I told him what sort of flavors I like, and he just mixed something totally original. It was delicious! I met a friend there and we were supposed to only stay an hour or so before seeing a movie, but we were having so much fun, we decided to skip the movie and hang out at our table, chatting, laughing, and trying our hands at Scrabble. I will definitely be back!

Insider Tip

It was raining, so we stayed inside, but they also have a great patio!

Where I stayed / started

Free House Bar

1325 NE Fremont Street

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