Portland, OR for Drinking (+ 1 Sick Photobooth) at Church

I was out with some friends on a Friday, and a couple of them got really excited when someone suggested going to Church. Huh? I didn’t realize until we pulled up…it’s a bar. And it’s awesome. It really doesn’t look like much from the outside, but the inside is great. Wood paneling on the walls, benches that look like pews, church-y window shutters – the whole shebang. I was thinking, what could be better than downing great drinks and dancing to old school hip hop in a church setting? And then I stumbled upon a confessional – but it wasn’t a confessional at all. It was a photo booth. The photos were sort of pricey, considering that you don’t actually get a hard copy (they send the pictures to your phone or email), but it still felt absolutely worth it to me. Just wish I hadn’t lost the link. Ugh.

Seriously great night with seriously great people. That’s one Church I wouldn’t mind joining.

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Wu-Tang Wednesdays. I haven’t attended, but you bet I will sometime soon.

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