Portland, OR for Hiking and Birding in Smith & Bybee Wetlands

I took a trip with my dad to Portland. He’s big into hiking and bird-watching, and although those hobbies aren’t at the top of my list, it was something new and cool to do with him. Lucky for us, we visited just as migration season was beginning. This is great, dad explained, because as summer ends, the water levels go down and expose all kinds of grub that the birds like to snack on. We took a 2 mile hike and settled down with a couple of sandwiches and our binoculars. We saw plenty of geese, as well as a couple of blue herons and white pelicans. It was actually a great way to spend the afternoon.

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This is one of the largest protected wetlands in the country. The environment is really sensitive, so outside pets aren’t allowed.

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