Portland, OR for Really Good Ramen

I can’t get enough ramen. I go on the hunt for it every time I travel. Boke has two locations – one on the westside, and one on the east – and you can’t go wrong with either of them. They have as many variations of the classic noodle soup as your heart could desire, plus pickles, kimchi, rice bowls, salads, sweets… (Ugh, I’m so hungry.) I’ve also never had a bad experience with the service. AND they have a good variety of beer, wine, sake (if that’s your thing…blech), and spirits. My favourite dish of theirs is the Carmelized Fennel Dashi. Rich without being overwhelming, and so comforting; not to mention filling! I usually throw in a slow poached egg for good measure. Brb, planning my next trip to Portland.

Insider Tip

They also have a food cart in downtown PDX called Boke Dokie. Not their typical, full menu (primarily southern fried chicken and tofu sandos), but same standards of deliciousness.

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