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Knowing that I appreciate quality beer, one of my friends brought a few bottles from these guys to my birthday party awhile ago. Since then, the tasting room has become a go to spot for after work and weekend R&R. They have a super comfortable, roomy tasting space and great beers. They usually keep a good cider on tap too, which is cool if I’m just in the mood for something different.

I recently stopped in after work just to get a couple of bottles, but one of my friends happened to be there chatting up the bartender, so I decided to hang out for a little while. A little while turned into a long while…we were there until closing. Oops. I tried what’s now one of my favorite beers they offer – a seasonal pale ale called Flemish Kiss. It had just come back into rotation the day before I visited, and the bartender said it had been in the barrel for 10 months. The flavor’s totally worth the wait – earthy and not too acidic, with a little cherry twinge. So I had a few of those, and my buddy and I split a couple of things from their Cheese Annex. I hadn’t tried the food before, which is weird because…ya know…cheese. We split the American Board and both had some tomato soup. So good.

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