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I have been training at Fulcrum for a little over a year now as a way to keep my body prepped and ready for the beatings that both skateboarding and surfing enjoy handing to me on a regular basis. I guess my whole thinking behind joining Fulcrum was that a soldier never goes in to battle unprepared and neither should I. Only three weeks in to adopting Fulcrum’s scientifically-based workout regimen and following their nutritional coaching, I noticed that I was less sore from slamming on my skateboard and I was staying out in the water longer than ever before. I was finally understanding what all these people had been preaching to me about that natural high I had been shrugging off for years.

Being someone who grew up in the board sport culture, that natural high only came from the adrenaline pumping act of skating and surfing. Not from sitting around a gym and sweating my ass off. Though I haven’t sworn off drinking, drugs have become just that thing I did as a reckless youth and weekly visits to Fulcrum are now a mandated part of my weekly schedule. 

Yes, I am only 26 but I feel better than I ever have. Let me guess. You’re saying, “You are only 26!?!” Well after 10 years of bouncing off concrete, paddling through some of the world’s biggest waves and living one elongated party day-after-day since I turned 15, your body starts to hate you no matter what age you are. Mine hated me the most. Now I’m as spry as ever. 

So if a self-centered, 24-year-old, party animal can make the right move, anyone can. 

Still not convinced? Well they are offering up a $97, 30Day Fulcrum Experience trial and I know that you will be hooked after 3 days so do yourself a favor and sign up now: https://goo.gl/ve7FrT

Stay fit fam! 

P.S. I’m not a fan of gym selfies or any of that so I just stole these from their site. 

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Join a boot camp first. It will be the best ass kicking you ever asked for.

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