Porto, Portugal for Boozy Gelato, Street Art, and Great Shopping

I visited Porto because I ran onto it while browsing Google Flights for somewhere I could go outside of the U.S., that wouldn’t also break the bank. A $200 ticket to Porto seemed like just such a thing.

The city is completely intoxicating, from the incredible street art scrolled across medieval buildings to the outrageously good food, to the kajillion little shops offering local handmade goods. I arrived late, so I headed straight to the hotel for a good night’s sleep. (That it was!) The next day, I grabbed a small pastry at one of the local confeitarias and started my three day journey.

First, I decided to do some shopping. It was just after noon when I stumbled upon Centro Comercial Bombarda, which is a mecca of beautiful restaurants, shops, and galleries. That’s where I ended up spending the bulk of my day, before grabbing a gelato at Cremosi. And not just *any* gelato – a GIN AND TONIC gelato. Omg yum. They also have a Port flavor, which may have made more sense given where I was, but I’m not really a port fan. The locals tell me that it is tasty. : )

The rest of my time there was spent very similarly, and I regretted only having three days to see Porto!

I didn’t take a photo of my gelato. So regretful. : ( Gelato photo courtesy of Cremosi.

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