Porto, Portugal for Primavera Sound

In a bid to find a cheaper alternative to Spain’s Primavera Festival, me and my friends opted to book tickets for the Primavera Porto. Which worked out really well, because we paid half the price and still retained the Barcelona line-up goodness.

Held in the vast Parque da Cidade (a public park), it was pretty accessible and getting around in general was no problem, thanks to the neatly organized Porto subway. The festival itself was less crowded and generally more enjoyable than its Spanish counterpart, in my experience at least. We were able to see acts like Patti Smith, FKA Twigs, Mac DeMarco any many others. It was also a great opportunity to meet people all over the world (and even bumping into some from back home!). During the day, we enjoyed just walking around and getting the feel of the city. It’s layout is really fascinating, very hilly with incredibly steep river banks. Our path went along the Douro River all the way until a really long jetty that went right into the Atlantic ocean. This was a nice spot for meditating. Or waving to the US on the other side. Here, we went into one of the local restaurant (no one in there was under 60), where I had an authentic Porto dish called Francesinha, which was a pretty intense experience. Coming back from our little walk, we could admire the Dom Luís I Bridge that was built so high up that I couldn’t imagine what it would be like driving on it. All in all – I would definitely return to Porto.

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