Požarevac for Roman Town of Viminacium

One of the most interesting archaeological findings dating from the Ancient era in Serbia is definitely the old Roman town of Viminacium. Located a couple of miles from the town of Pozarevac, Viminacium will definitely be interesting to anyone who finds old Rome fascinating like I do.

Even though it’s tricky to get to (no public transport), once you get to Viminacium, the place is pretty organized for tourist purposes. There are guided tours in both Serbian and English operating about every half an hour or so – and they are pretty comprehensive. This is when we were acquainted with the history of the town, learning that Viminacium was the center of the province Moesia Superior during Emperor Hadrian’s rule, while some time later it became a military camp. During our tour, we could see the remains of an old mausoleum and some tombs (actually had to walk through pitch black corridor to get to them!) There were also ruins from an open-air theater, as well as the old aqueducts and baths. There is also a finding of what was once the northern gate of the camp, and at the same time, the northern defense border of the Roman empire and its territories during the 4th century AD. The less interesting part of the tour was the memorial center that was built in the recent years and looked like something out of Las Vegas or Hollywood studio. Could have skipped that part, but everything else was truly fascinating!

Insider Tip

Make sure to go earlier in the day, as most sights are located outside with very few lights.

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