Prague, Czech Republic for 24 Hours

When my friend and I traveled to Prague we had an immediate agenda; do as much as physically possible in the 24 hours that we had allotted for the city. We started early and immediately ventured to the infamous astronomical clock. It was beautiful and the wedding photos that were being taken directly underneath it left such a positive impression on us. We stuck around to witness to the hourly routine that went off at the clock and it was very cool. We then made out way towards the outdoor market where we ordered some sauerkraut and potatoes and beer. Probably one of the best things I personally had to eat in Eastern Europe.

We opted out of the Prague Castle and decided to cross the Charles Bridge to see the Lennon Wall instead, and I am so happy we made that decision. For starters, the Charles Bridge had an amazing view of Prague and was filled with many fun vendors and an abundance of people. We stumbled across a place on the bridge with a plaque on the statue of John of Nepomuk that holds a story that touching the plaque brings good luck. The plaque has been polished to a gold color through so many people touching it. It was a very cool find for us. The Charles Bridge takes you to where the Lennon Wall can be found. It is essentially a wall dedicated to John Lennon and is extremely colorful and an awesome tribute. We continued to wander and happened upon many incredible statues and little nooks and crannies throughout the city.

Wandering the city and exploring was definitely the best route to take here rather than booking a tour or having an itinerary, we found a lot of hidden gems all throughout the city and were able to explore and take in our fun finds at our leisure. I would suggest spending more time in Prague just to see everything possible, but if you are short on time or short on money, just heading out on foot and getting lost is a great way to get a full experience of this incredible city!

Where I stayed / started

Old Town Square

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