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I was told that beer is good for the skin and hair, so when I visited Prague, I made sure I made this side trip. I planned to rent a car, drive to the beer spa, hop in the tub-full of warm beer, stay the night, drive back, drop the car and explore Prague.

My best laid plans don’t always happen as planned, I’m immune to it 🙂

First, the car I reserved was not available. I got a Beamer with a stick that had a 6th gear. I have not driven a stick for years and needless to say, I was late for my appointment after the car turned off a few times (in the middle of crossing the tram line, busy one way street, a few more behind cars and buses) and getting lost. I had to reschedule the next day. I made sure that I have the earliest slot since I only rented the car for 24 hours.

So I made the most of my time wandering around, although it’s a quiet town and I definitely stood out. I went to dinner in Restaurace Ve Skále that was on their ancient brewery cellars. I tried their home-made collared pork (interesting but I wish it was fried and smothered with gravy or ketchup… ok, it was not what I imagined it would have tasted), trout with almonds (the trout had some weird taste, maybe because of the mineral content in their water) and my all-time favorite which, thankfully, tasted great, apple strudel. Then off to bed.

The next day at 9:30 am, I took this picture as I soaked in my hot beer tub. I was also handed a jug of cold beer (yep, that early in the morning) and was told that I can have as much as I want, all I have to do was ask. I’m not a beer drinker, so I poured the cold beer to my hot beer, more beer to soak. The hot beer felt great on the skin and I dunked my head in a few times. I think I got drunk with the beer seeping into my skin.

When the treatment lady fetched me after my 30-minute bath, I think she forgot about me or gave me a few more minutes in the tub, she directed me to a relaxation area and covered me with thick wraps. After another 30 minutes, she came over and told me that I can’t shower for at least 4 hours. Wait… what?

What do you do when you have to return the car back by 12 pm and you’re over an hour away, literally smelling of beer? I drove up to the 6th gear and prayed at the same time, hoping not to be pulled over by the police. I made it with 5 minutes to spare. Not doing that again!

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