Prčanj, Montenegro for Old Palaces and Fish Restaurants

Located some half an hour away from the beautiful Old Town of Kotor, Prcanj is known among local people as the place where once-gentry, mostly consisting of noble captains, traders and other wealthy individuals, owned beautiful palaces and houses. Nowadays, Prcanj is a popular tourist destination, offering a spot where you can have a peaceful holiday, while still being surrounded with lavish Mediterranean landscape and remaining only a short car ride away from proper civilization.

The most striking landmark of Prcanj is the magnificent Church of the Birth of the Virgin Mary, which rises from the ground level with elaborately decorated staircase, standing out from everything that surrounds it. The interior is stunning as well, probably one of the most breathtaking ones in Montenegro. The church is located on the lovely promenade that stretched through central Prcanj, where you can stop by to take a breath of fresh air, have some coffee or simply admire the awe-inspiring view of the tall mountains and the sea. In Prcanj, you will also find a lovely fish restaurant on the very coast called Bokeski Gusti, where you can order this unique meal that will come on a three-story tray that will have all the possible fish and seafood you can imagine on it. Bon apetit!

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There’s also a great little bakery in the center of Prcanj. Make sure to get there early in the morning and order a burek!

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