Puri, Odisha, India for For vacation

One of the most crowed puller sea beach in eastern part of India. This is one of the Hindu pilgrimage centres Lord Jagannath Temple is here. It is situated on the bank of Bay Of Bengal. Tough there are lots of places to visit but to me it is sea and only sea to go Puri time and again.
The sea beach remains very very crowded almost every day of the year. And in every full moon day there beach party , the atmosphere becomes heaven at that time.
In the day time you can just jump into the sea at early morning and the Sunrise scenario is amazing to watch.
Apart from Jagannath Temple there is another very famous temple , i.e, Konarak Temple. The sculpture on the wall of Konarak Temple is carrying lots of history behind it.
This is a must visit place when you will go to Puri. A zoo is also there near puri it is called Nandankanan. It is one of the very very well mentioned zoo I have ever seen . Here you can go with jungle safari , you will be in a bus and tigers and loians will be roaming jut beside you, yes ofcourse outside the bus!
If you are lucky enough apart from tiger and ion you will meet bear on the way too.
Apart from this zoo you can go to Udaygiri cave near Puri and there is another sea beach within 35 kms it is named as Chandrabhaga Sea beach, you will astonished with the serenity here there is hardly few people roaming while there are thousands of people gathering ar Puri beach.
Nevertheless you will definitely enjoy this sea beach also.

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If you want to enjoy Puri fully you plan your trip during one Full Moon day, The place itself turns into heaven.

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