Queenstown, New Zealand for the Dive of a Lifetime

Skydiving has become sort of a hobby of mine, but no dive has captivated me more than one of my first, in New Zealand. I was new to the whole thing – this was only my second time – so I was a bit nervous. But it was a tandem jump, and the diver who worked with me was super charismatic and made me feel comfortable. Obviously, I survived, and I can’t gush enough about the beauty in this country. 4,000 metres (about 13,000 feet) is a hell of a bird’s eye view, and I could see everything. The mountains – snow-capped in the distance, earthy below me – the lake, an electric super-blue, and no noise but the distant sound of the plane that dropped us and the wind around. I can’t describe the freedom and clarity skydiving brings, especially in this environment.

Well, after your stomach stops feeling like it’s going to jump right out of your mouth. : )

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New Zealand is sort of an adventure destination, and sky diving is pretty common. NZone gets stellar reviews, and the prices are lower than most competitors.

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