Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador for colonial charm

Quito is a beautiful Ecuadorian city. It has extreme amounts of oil money injected into their local economy which a lot is used to continuously spruce up this Unesco-listed smorgasbord of South American colonial architecture, Quito is one of the rare places that the best days are both ahead and behind it. When walking through the historical centre of Quito, it seems as if time stands still, this time gaps back to the 16th century, but positioned in the mountains the modern face of the city could be what is making this one of the top travel destinations of 2016.

Quito is currently working on rolling out a much-anticipated metro system, what better way to navigate all of that colonial charm? Paint this picture in your head; being whisked straight from the bus station down through the historical districts of the city or to the modern edge? – sounds like paradise. On my most recent arrival I saw that there was a refurbished train station and a new airport that has helps high end tourists feel right at home with the backpackers.

One of my favorite things while visiting was where I stayed, finding the right fit in one of Quito’s original hotels, the historical centre’s Casa Perez Pallares is where I laid my head at night it was great.

I took many walks down through Quito’s Old Town, this is an architectural treasure. Remember that all of this is on the breathtaking mountain backdrop. Make sure to take a few moments at the entrancing chapel-come-museum of Capilla del Hombre, in the Bellavista district.

I didnt have time on my trip but I wanted to take the TeléferiQo (cable car) up Volcán Pichincha to 4100m for what I have read is unforgettable city views or Book your berth on the weekend train up to the base of one of the world’s highest active volcanoes, Volcán Cotopaxi.

Insider Tip

Street art: not only is it colourful; it’s also educational. Quito’s urban spaces have recently become a canvas for a new form of language (a hybrid of Spanish and the indigenous tongue, Kichwa) and, better, a couple of grammar vigilantes who pride themselves on correcting other graffiti artists’ spelling mistakes have become an attraction in themselves!

Where I stayed / started

Casa Perez Pallares

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