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Rann Utsav - Gujarat for Travel & Food

This year end season is the celebration time when Gujarat tourism is on the peak as the festival of Rann Utsav welcome tourists from the entire nation and beyond the boundaries. The pristine white sand, unlimited blue sky, the cultural dance, handicrafts, camel ride, the rich tradition of song, dance, drama, kite festival, luxury tent accommodation with numerous crafts, are the attractions for tourists and at the same time reflects enthusiasm, energy and devotion of the locals to make the festival a grand success.

Rann: The USP of Kutch!
The literal meaning of Rann is “Desert” which is the USP of Kutch. The white landmass stretches up to 7500kms sharing a part of its space with Pakistan. Post monsoon, the land is left with white salt which turns into a salt desert for rest of the year. You can only visualize the white salt desert beneath your feet and the unlimited blue sky overhead thus relaxing you with a feeling of peace and tranquility. The beauty magnifies when the scene accompanies light of the blue moon. The place fascinated the tourists and as a result, it became famous among the locals first and then among the tourists who congregate in large number, every year, to experience this unmatchable beauty.

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