Ravenna, Province of Ravenna, Italy for A Lesson on Byzantine Art

Me and a bunch of friends used the convenience of geographical proximity to do a little tour of Northern Italy last fall. To be frank, I honestly didn’t fully understand all the rave for Venice and Florence. However, I did come across a couple of towns which I very much enjoyed, yet had virtually known nothing about before this trip – and one of them was Ravenna.

First of all, the town is small and super-easy to get around in. For people like myself who just like to get around on foot when in a foreign place, Ravenna was a paradise, since large chunks of it were pedestrian zones. Other than that, it seemed like it had a completely different vibe from a lot of the places we visited on our journey. Maybe it was the architecture or the overall layout of the town or the fact that it wasn’t massively crowded with tourists, but I definitely enjoyed it. We of course paid a visit to the Basilica of San Vitale, which is probably one of the most important sites of Byzantine art. Now, I am not super into mosaics and even less into churchy things, but this place was really fascinating. It made you wonder how much work and effort went into creating the entire interior of the basilica. Not to mention the fact that we all had a little chuckle over the fact that Justinian kinda looked like Christopher Moltisanti from The Sopranos. All in all, Ravenna – you totally charmed me!

Where I stayed / started

Stopping by on the way from Florence to Lido di Jesolo

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