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Reyjavik, Iceland for Sightseeing and Eating

Iceland in five days – Flew with WOW airlines; 4:45am Arrive Kefavik International
Airport, Reyjavik, Iceland.  5:50 am Picked up car rental:  Avis in arrival hall –
terminal building.  Make sure you buy your alcohol at airport, if so inclined.  Liquor
stores – “VINBUDIN”are scattered and not necessarily conveniently located.  Sightseeing: drove to the Golden circle – crater Kerio, geysirs, trail of Sigridur and Gullfoss waterfall – freezing with wind and mist, Secret Lagoon, Viking horse ride (comfortable saddles! and fun), Blue Lagoon Spa- premium package (most common) memorable, Glacier hike – spectacular, man-made Ice Cave in Perlan Museum, fabulous glacier history.  Dinner restaurants: our favourite – Grillmarkadurinn”; APOTEK, Nostra and Dill (super expensive, fixed menu) are all roughly in the same vicinity.  Út í bláinn located in  Perlan Museum, this restaurant only rotates during Spin-off Happy Hour 9-11pm, 360° views.  Lunch restaurants: Ostabúdin and Hotel Ranga (after glacier hike) – both great value and delicious.  A nail biting mountain drive; roads are flat, lacking directional and safety arrows and barriers.  Super fun and memorable girls’ trip, a bucket list experience.  Iceland is like being on another planet!


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The hot water smells of sulphur, really… having a shower for the first time is an experience. No smell from cold water which you absolutely can drink, locals don’t buy bottled water.

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