Reykjavík, Iceland for 21 Hours of Daylight

Flights to and from Iceland are relatively cheap and quick from the US, which is something more and more people are beginning to realize these days, and that’s very convenient because it’s not going to be the same place it is now for long. More and more folks are heading to this near arctic circle destination to see it’s insane beauty and unique culture every year, hopefully it never changes and over half the population, including it’s prime minister, still hole-heartedly believe that invisible elves exist for years to come.

Too much to talk about so I’m going to list things to do and maybe not do. Here we go.

-First thing, get off the airplane and on to the tarmac and take a deep breath of fresh, crisp, arctic air. I’m not joking, it’s amazing.

– Take a bus into town for like, $7, and hit up the tiny lobster & crab bisque soup shack. Get the whipped cream on top. Trust me, it’s not as weird as it sounds.

– Stay at The Loft hostel in town. It has a rooftop deck and locals hang out there. Talk to some of them, they’re stupid nice.

– Take a stroll. Town is small, can’t get lost. Bars, restaurants, cafe’s all over the place. If you go in the summer and it’s a sunny day, people will not be working and will instead be drinking outdoors, everywhere.

– Go to the supermarket and buy some food. Everything is crazy expensive so it’s worth it to save a bit of coin and not eat out for every meal, if that’s of concern to you.

– Find any one of the small cafe’s that serve morning foods. Eat the dense, dark rye bread with creamed goat cheese and cured fish. Have a beer with it, it’s ok if it’s breakfast.

– Go to My Concept Store and talk to the guy who owns it. He’s amazing, and it’s a great shop for gifts to bring home that aren’t at all touristy etc.

– Load some Ausgeir ( on your iphone. Listen to it and walk around.

– Load some Sigur Ros on your phone as well and definitely listen to that while on your bus tour of the Golden Circle.

– Go drink beer and talk to people

– Check out The Harpa.

– Rent a bike in town and head out to explore. If it’s windy, don’t rent a bike. The wind will knock you over and you’ll scrape your hands and knees.

– Don’t eat whale. It’s not good and costs more than your retirement. Plus whales are dope and you shouldn’t eat them. But, your call.

– Go to the famous hot dog stand and chow down.

This place is stunning and so, so memorable on so many levels. In the summer it stays light out until about 2am, then gets dark for about 2 hours. That’s it. Don’t let it get to your head though, yes it is still light out, but you are equally as drunk at 2 am when then sun is still up.

Explore away!

Insider Tip

Don’t get too cheeky asking locals about elves, they’re dead serious when they say they are real and it’s no joking matter. Well, it kind of is, but that’s just Icelandic humor, you won’t get it. Don’t try.

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