Reykjavík, Iceland for Discovering new landscapes and crossing it off our bucket list

After we landed, we went straight to the Blue Lagoon. It was very relaxing and very interesting. In different parts of the Blue Lagoon, the floor of the geothermal pool was covered in sand or mud. There is a face mask station and a cafe in the pool also. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to just sit in a hot tub and relax. In the Golden Circle, there are geysers, a waterfall, and a nature park. One of the geysers, called Strokkur, explodes with water every five or so minutes. In the city, there is many interesting shops and restaurants. One cafe, called Mokka, had the most AMAZING waffles (Anyone looking for a pick-me-up at breakfast should go here!). At V 11, Lobsters and Stuff, you should try there amazing lobster dishes, along with their awesome lobster dumplings. Yum!

Insider Tip

The waterfall is amazing, but very touristy. I recommend keeping track of your family members, or else the might get lost in the crowd!

Where I stayed / started

We rented an apartment from a local

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