Rijeka, Croatia for Retro Gadgets Museum

Aside from the fact that Rijeka might just be my favorite town in Croatia because it’s so inherently punk-rock – it also happens to have a really cool museum called Peek&Poke, where you can see some amazing vintage computers and other tech.

The admission fee is quite cheap (20 kuna, around 3 euros), but that is not indicative of its size and quality. It holds a pretty big collection of various European and American tech pieces, even some that were built by Yugoslav companies. Appleheads were definitely geeking out over all the old Macs. Still, the best part is that some of the computers and consoles are fully functional, so we got to play a couple of retro games. The owner was also super-enthusiastic and eager to walk us through and answer all of our questions. Definitely a must-see for all the nerds out there with appreciation of computing history.

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If you’re visiting Rijeka outside of tourist/summer season, call them in advance to schedule a visit.

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  1. AndrewW May 16, 2016, 4:01 pm

    WOW that’s rally a fun place 😀
    I’m gonna be visiting Croatia this summer for game of thrones tour, so ill be sure to check this place also 😀

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