Rimini, Province of Rimini, Italy for A True Italian Beach Holiday

On our tour of the northern Italy we decided to take a break from all the sightseeing and set aside a couple of days to just chill at the beach as it was September and the weather was still nice enough for a beach vacation. For the logistic reasons, Rimini was the best place to do so, and it wasn’t to shabby in all the other aspects either.

Because of its location on the Adriatic side of the Italian coast and the fact that it’s in a bay, the sea in Rimini is quite calm, warm and pleasant to swim in, unlike the ocean one. It’s seafront stretches for over fifteen kilometers, so it looks like the beach is never-ending. One thing that I also found quite likable about Rimini is the fact that it’s a true all-Italian resorts -very few fellow tourists we came across were from outside of the country. At night, the entire beachfront of Rimini turns into a giant party – packed with cafes, open bars and restaurants. There was no shortage of good places to eat, whether it was pizza/pasta or fish/seafood (you can’t go wrong with these two wherever you find yourself in the Mediterranean). And even if that wasn’t enough, there were still loads of people just having their own improvised parties on the beach. All in all, Rimini was definitely a welcome break in our adventure that was otherwise packed with constant rushing and sightseeing!

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