Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil for Getting Drenched in Culture & Sunshine

This city’s nickname is literally “Bride of the Sun.” I was immediately soothed by the endless beaches and friendly locals, whose value of their bright culture and tradition was palpable from our first encounter. I went with a couple of friends in early June, when the weather had cooled off a bit and most of the tourists had turned homeward. We stayed in a small, enchanting B&B called Kana Pousada de Charme, which just so happened to be a few minutes’ walk to the breathtaking Pirangi do Norte Beach. We spent the majority of our time lounging in the sand, reading, snacking and sipping.

However, we did make some time for a buggy ride over the dunes and some paddle boarding lessons. We ate way too many shrimp-based dishes at the appropriately named Camarones, tried our limbs with hours of dancing to traditional Brazilian music, and swooped up some incredible locally made linens as souvenirs.

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