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Rishikesh for How to Select the Right Yoga Teacher Training Program?


So, finally, you are ready to undertake Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh? Well, that is great!!

Doing a YTTC, even if you never aim to teach, is the life-transforming experience. In other words, the journey is life-changing and when you start to teach and share your knowledge with others, your practice will go on the next level.

With several options available out there for training, how do you determine which YTTC is right for you? How do you determine which program is worth investing in terms of both time and money? If you are unsure about your options, then no worries!! Continue reading to explore tips that can help you make the right choice for YTTC.

1. Ensure That Your Training is certified with Yoga-Alliance

Being an international governing organization for yoga, the Yoga Alliance has defined the standard for properly designed teacher training courses. If you would like to teach yoga in your future, you should make sure that the training you select is Yoga-Alliance certified. Otherwise, you’ll not be eligible for insurance.

2. Pick the Hours That Suits You the Most

For some people, completely checking out of their daily life and undertaking a retreat-style yoga teacher training program is far more powerful for learning and practicing. For others, doing a training on weekends or evenings in their hometown suits the best. You have to consider this factor before you register for anything. Consider into account how you practice and learn and how much life will serve as a disturbance from your learning. From this perspective, you will certainly have a better picture of what type of training will be best for you.

3. Give a Glance at Anatomy Section

This is a very important one!! Make sure that your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India has an anatomy section that is quite strong.

Well, anatomy may not appear like the important factor when you’re in the mid of trying to learn all the Sanskrit works for postures or determining how to properly sequence. But, a clear understanding of anatomy will not only change your own practice into the one that is perfect for your particular body, but it will also help you bring so much more awareness to your teaching in private/public classes as well.

Understanding anatomy will certainly help you in the long run, thus make sure that it truly incorporated in your yoga teacher training program.

4. Review the Program’s History

Do a lot of research on yoga school you are thinking about joining for your training. There are some schools that have been around on the market for a long time and possess vast experience offering very strong programs.

One thing to remember is that not all programs are designed and deliver equally. On top of all, even the program is Yoga-alliance certified, it doesn’t mean that it is of top-quality.

Read online reviews about the school, and talk to others who have taken the program from the school. This will definitely help you a lot in selecting the right training program.

5. Do Research on the Teachers

Last but not least; do research on the teachers with whom you are planning of studying. Check out how long they have been in the industry to teach yoga. This info is very helpful if you like to work closely with them. The teaching aim at the yoga training school is the biggest asset. Ideally, each trainer on your training will be a nationally and internationally recognized professional in their specific yogic discipline. All you need to do is to go through their profiles at least once.

Some Final Words:

Yoga teacher training can be a very intense journey as it needs emotional, spiritual and physical effort for the duration of four weeks, six weeks or even more. The key is patience and taking things slowly. At the same time, soak up as much info as you can and make the most out of your training. The journey may take you to an entirely unplanned destination.

While your Yoga Teacher Training in India may have ended, you’ll thrive every day. Every person has his own reason to undertake YTTC. Whatever yours, make sure to go through the tips mentioned above to make the right selection for your yoga teacher training program.

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