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We keep talking about the significance of health at working environment, yet how often do we do something that actually helps us?  Constant exercising is important to ensure productivity.

Yoga could be very helpful in increasing the productivity of people. Regardless of whether a person is self employed, a medium or small business owner, both the business and the employees can benefit by including yoga into daily routine. It is a wellness routine that helps in increasing the productivity of a person in the best way.

A study reveals that many corporate firms are opting for yoga sessions at offices as a way to increase efficiency and decrease the attrition rate. Rehearsing yoga calms the mind, body and soul and it gives an incredible energy from within.

Given below are six reasons how yoga can help you in boosting your productivity and increase your efficiency at work:

1.       DECREASES STRESS: People who are in the corporate life sleep much less than they should and the most common reason is high stress levels and too much work pressure. Mental, emotional and social stresses are some of the top reasons which affect the health of employees and decrease their efficiency. Yoga exercises practiced regularly can assist in controlling the breath and relaxing the body while releasing tension.

2.       INCREASES FOCUS: Work environments include long meetings and countless deadlines. Investing significant time to think or for profound breathing activities can help you deliberately calm your mind and body at whatever point you feel overpowered. It manages the oxygen stream in your blood, in this way making you progressively alert and mindful which encourages you to focus on assignments and settle on better choices.

3.       HELPS DEAL WITH PHYSICAL PROBLEMS: All desk jobs mean a fixed lifestyle and many health problems. There is no physical activity and all a person is doing is consistently staring at a computer screen in a fixed position. This affects the body and eyes of people badly. The result is decreased level of productivity and acute pain in head, neck, shoulders with constant stiffness. Regular yoga practice keeps all these problems away.

4.       STIMULATES THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: Medicines help a person in dealing with the symptoms of a problem. However, yoga is a method of getting to the core of the problem and stimulating the immune system. This means healthier body, no sick days and ultimately more productivity.

5.       INCREASED POSITIVITY: If a person is healthy on a mental, physical and emotional level then the positivity will be automatically high. If a person is focused and full of vitality, then he/she will be positive as well. Yoga is a great method to increase the creativity and self confidence in a person. Additionally, all this will make a person a much better employee who complies with all the job responsibilities in the right way. As a result, the interactions with clients will improve much more.

6.       INCREASES ENERGY: Working constantly prompts pressure and weariness. You may not feel it but rather it develops over the work day and week. Regular stretching and performing asanas with careful contemplation enables in incrementing the blood dissemination. This converts into lesser weariness and larger amounts of vitality. The employees feel much more energetic and energized in all ways.

Healthy, positive, relaxed and productive employees are more efficient and cost effective as well. All organizations must look for ways to encourage the employees to practice yoga on a consistent basis. Even if the employees take out just ten minutes to practice yoga at the time of day, it could make a huge difference. Some easy yoga exercises like stretches, breathing exercises at the desk, meeting rooms or in the park can boost the productivity of employees immensely. Trainers who are certified in yoga teacher training India are perfect to provide classes. They ensure that the employees gain the best advantages of yoga.


Author Bio:- Devakar Sandhu is one of the most passionate yogis and avid travellers. Working with Ekam Yogashala, he aims to spread the divine knowledge of yoga amongst as many people as possible.  Ekam Yogashala holds many types of yoga events like that of Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh India, yoga retreats, yoga workshops, etc. The primary aim of Devakar is to help people evacuate anxiety, strain and undesirable contemplations by adjusting an all encompassing and customary way of thinking, growing one’s very own consciousness, and by utilizing its technique for training. You can interact with Devakar through his website:


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