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Rishikesh for Yoga as a Source of Happiness

Are you ready to uncover the sources of happiness? We all have heard that happy people are attractive, pretty, and charming. Why not discover how Yoga can contribute to your beauty with this article?

 Yoga is the sound of the self, permeating the glitters of ourselves. It’s the one common activity which has stayed alive for centuries and constantly practiced by many souls, both renowned and average. The astounding properties of Yoga have never opened the door of criticism because if done the right way, there is no way that Yoga won’t benefit your body and mind. 

 There is no path to happiness, happiness is the path. ~ Lord Buddha

 Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga retreats, practicing different asanas in Yoga have opened all possibilities of healing a person from its core. All of these stages are highly beneficial and requires the need to divert your attention to the needed transformation. If you are given a guarantee that this will make you happy, what are the chances that you will step back? None right?

 The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in the person’s determination. ~ Tommy Lasorda

 Let’s discuss the main problems of this era-

 Depression, one of the key problems faced by teenagers, adults and the older generation. The suicide rates are climbing up as the pressures of the society is creating social-anxiety. The rules of the people, from color, weight, height to educational qualifications, then the never ending vicious circle of jobs that have set standards for people. These standards rate the person by its facts, not the talents or struggles. This process leads to continued stages of disappointments, failures, losing self-confidence and becoming more vulnerable all the time.

Shedding tears may not be your choice but adopting a healthy routine with Yoga to bring happiness into your life is completely your decision. Are you feeling low for no reason? Is that your mood-swing or just your behavior? All these confusions will be wiped off once you step into the Charlotte of Yoga.

 Yoga is the brightness on your face, the stimuli to your brain, the perfume of your soul, and the reason for your smile to turn into a laugh.

 Nobody likes to be around the sad person, everybody rolls around the person who is cracking jokes. This doesn’t mean that you lose your self-worth and use the fake it till you make it approach. Yoga teaches you to be – You! It is the best way to extract the happiness that you reaped within yourself since childhood. These societal pressures, family obligations, relationship ups and downs, career choices cannot take the happy soul away from you.

 Take time to make your soul happy!

 Deep-breathing exercises, like Pranayama- just breathing in and out can solve half of your problems by giving clarity to your thought. Maya, a social media influencer, shares her story with us, “After my best friend’s deadly accident, I traveled to many cities in search of happiness when my family told me that I have gone numb. I picked up my bag, left my job and covered a few countries like villages of Germany, colorful streets of Italy, ancient towns of India, etc.’

‘First few trips did help me to break the distressing pattern I was following but after a few more holidays I came to this conclusion that traveling or running away cannot make you happy. It comes from within. This realization became stronger when I was at Pushkar with my fellow travelers who insisted me to join the endeavor. They were heading towards an ashram to meet and learn Yoga from a Yoga teacher in Rishikesh. Days went by but I stayed because I finally found my source of happiness and I would never let it go. Now, being more socially and self-aware, I can go out to play games with my friends or can sit at home and be happy still. Yoga recovered my broken half.”

 Talk about your blessings more than you talk about your problems.

 Choose a path of enlightenment, accept life the way it is, give yourself a priority by treating yourself better, gain wisdom and add a fun segment to your life by practicing different kinds of asanas in Yoga. Your favorite is going to be Savasana, in the beginning.

 From this moment onwards, let happiness enter your life.

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