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Yoga School in India – A Complete Guide for Beginners

And determination can make it happen. So are you determined to pursue a course of yoga teacher training in yoga school in india? You may not be all that keen on becoming a yoga teacher, yet may be drawn by your inner voice that urges you to seek further the secret wisdom of the yogic sciences . To know more just grab a cup of your favorite tea or coffee and read on and delve into the world of yoga, meditation and spirituality.

“Where there is a will, there is a way.”

what is yoga? what is yoga teacher training
The Meaning of Yoga

What is Yoga?


Yoga – a term so familiarly heard of
“Yoga” is a term that has been heard of everywhere and by everyone, irrespective of whether they are interested in the subject or not, whether they are practitioners or non-practitioners and whether they are masters or laymen on the subject.

Yoga – as explained for the layman
In terms of the layman, “yoga” simply denotes a way of life that is humble, pure and selfless.

Yoga as perceived by most
Most perceive this art form to be a physical means of exercising and nothing beyond the same, which is not true.

Traditional meaning of yoga
A simplified meaning as per the holy text the “Bhagvad Gita” explains yoga as :

  • Yoga :the route to uniting with the Supreme
  • Supreme : Atma or true identity or self ( ‘Me’)
  • Atma : the remainder post the application of “Neti Neti”
  • Neti Neti : pertaining to “not this, not this” upon all things or everything
  • Everything : that which is thinkable
  • Thinkable : that which induces or provokes the thoughts

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