Route 66 for 5 best stops

Route 66 is a staple of the American road trip legacy. It is 2,451 miles from Chicago to Santa Monica. It definitely provides a great backdrop for a great road trip. I had a blast seeing all of the Americana along this classic route. Although I only did a little over half. Here are 15 stops that I enjoyed that will not disappoint! Taking a trip down Route 66 will provide clarity as to why it has the nickname “Mother Road”

Catoosa Blue Whale
Originally it was built by a husband for his wife as an anniversary gift. It definitely one of the most recognizable attractions along route 66. A pretty awesome little stop and makes for great photos!

Texola is a ghost town on the border of Oklahoma and Texas, if you are a photographer this will make for what will probably be your most favorite stop. It is so very interesting and it is an interesting site to see. This location has been called many things since the .06 square mile town was created. Texola, Texokla, and Texoma. The site is located near the 100th meridian, which caused the town to be surveyed at least eight different times, which means that some of the early residents lived in both Texas and Oklahoma without ever moving.

Cadillac Ranch
On Route 66 just west of Amarillo, Texas on the south side, you will find Cadillac Ranch. Cadillac Ranch is a collection of 10 classic Cadillacs buried nose-first into the ground. You can basically do whatever you want here without messing up the structure. Bring spray paint and put your mark on Cadillac Ranch, its totally allowed and very encouraged!

Midway Cafe
Right before you cross into New Mexico, you will pass the official midpoint of Route 66. The midpoint is located in Adrian, Texas which is exactly 1,139 miles from both Chicago and Los Angeles. Now to make sure you know when looking on a map, Adrian is not really a town. Although there is the Midway Cafe which you can stop at for some really awesome memorabilia.

Blue Swallow Motel – Tucumcari, New Mexico
If you have done any research about Route 66, I am sure that you will have found information about Blue Swallow Motel and Tucumcari itself. This is a great well-preserved little town and gives you a real taste of the “Old Days”. Spending a night in the Blue Swallow is not only smart as where it is located to provide a great nights sleep, but also well worth every penny to soak in the good vibes.

Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch
Keep a look out when you are near Barstow, California. Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch is a crazy assortment of sculptures made from colored bottles and other recycled materials. Keep your eyes peeled because every now and then you can actually spot Elmer working on his newest sculptures.

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Blue Swallow Motel

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