Rtanj for Tea Plantations and UFOs

We set of for a hiking tour of the famous Rtanj mountain, known for is unusual perfect pyramid-like shape and the odd rumors that it was going to be the only mountain to be saved from doomsday in 2012 that never happened.

First, we had a walk in the village located in the foot of the mountain that is an old abandoned mining settlement, albeit with gorgeous architecture that was organized and set up by an old Jewish family who founded the village. The hike to the top took up around two hours. The view from the top was amazing and we could get a good look at central Serbia. Along the way, we got the chance to pick the Rtanj tea, which is known for its alleged aphrodisiac properties. Once we were back at the foot of the mountain, we went to a small cafe that was completely decorated in UFO style, where the owner told us about various myths, beliefs and conspiracy theories related to the Rtanj mountain. He even gave us a book related to this subject. This was definitely a one-of-a-kind hiking story!

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