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Rye Brook, NY, United States for 6 Easy Ways to Accomplish Your New Year’s Travel Resolutions

We all know the drill – resolve to improve in some way, or work towards a certain goal, in the new year. Yet, for many of us, that prized resolution never comes to fruition. Once the excitement of the new year begins to wear off, and the reality of work and stress sets in, it can be challenging to keep up with a demanding resolution. Resolutions that involve dieting, weight loss, learning a new language, etc.

Consider this – in today’s world traveling often is common for many people. Whether you travel for work, to visit family, or for pleasure, being on the go isn’t always convenient for many resolutions. In fact, traveling is typically an enjoyable experience, a time when we wish to release the need to do anything specific, and just live in the moment.

Which brings us to our main point – how does one keep a new year’s resolution while traveling?

The answer? Create a travel-friendly resolution!

The Roadmap to Helping You Achieve Your New Year’s Travel Resolutions

You may be wondering what a travel-friendly resolution is. Simple – it’s a resolution that isn’t dependent on a specific location or item, rather it’s a resolution that can be achieved anywhere, at any time. We’ll give you some examples to help inspire you, and even go as far to explain just how you can engage with each resolution in a travel setting.

Read More

For those who wish to expand their minds, vocabulary, and cultural knowledge, a fantastic, and travel-friendly resolution is to, simply, read more. This resolution is absolutely doable, especially if you keep it easy by only holding yourself accountable to a manageable amount of reading – say one book per month. If needed, you can even use this as a reason to take a weekend getaway every few months, or even every single month! We recommend retreating somewhere serene, with plenty of indoor or outdoor cozy settings, perfect for reading.

Live in The Moment

Ah, to be able to fully enjoy each moment for exactly what it is. This might be the most travel-friendly resolution of all – finding presence of mind. Especially in our current, fast-paced society it’s all too easy to focus on what’s happening next. Resolving to practice living in the present moment is a beautiful way to live fuller, savor more, and find deeper happiness. Naturally, this can, and should, be done absolutely anywhere, doing absolutely anything!

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Explore More

If you desire to be more adventurous, then this is the perfect resolution for you. Exploration can mean a great many things – physical exploration, cuisine exploration, and cultural exploration for starters. Additionally, one can explore absolutely anywhere. Exploring your very own city or town is a great way to start, and if you already have scheduled travel on the calendar then exploration will inevitably happen! This is a truly fun and pleasurable resolution, one that you likely won’t feel is a chore to achieve.

Meet New People

In need of new, more exciting friends? Feeling stuck or in a rut? Meeting new people is a great way to expand your social life, find inspiration, and maybe even find a new love. Resolving to meet new people is definitely something that can be achieved anywhere, within reason, and especially while traveling! This can also apply to couples as well as singles. It’s common to crave finding other couples to spend time with and going away to a hotel for the weekend, or even visiting another country, are situations in which making new friends and bonds occur more frequently than in everyday life.

Watch Less T.V.

These days nearly all of us are guilty of spending too much time staring at a screen. Whether it’s watching T.V., or Netflix on the computer, or browsing social media for hours on end, the screens are taking over our lives. Inviting in a resolution to spend a little less time “watching” screens will inevitably invite more time to release stress, embrace new activities, and enhance any travel. Traveling affords one the opportunity to see and experience a new place thus decreasing the need or desire to stare at a screen.

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Spend More Quality Time With Loved Ones

Life is short, spending more time with loved ones is always an excellent resolution. The fun in this resolution is that traveling with loved ones provides not just time, but experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. Enjoy the new scenery, dine on delicious cuisine, hike through the woods, laugh in front of the fire, and much more when you gather your friends and family and take a trip with them.

We hope the above six resolutions provide you with ideas and inspiration this new year. It’s common to place unnecessary stress on ourselves to do and accomplish so much all the time. Consider opting for a resolution that will easily bring happiness and less stress to your life.

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