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Rye Brook, NY, United States for Breathe in The Fresh Winter Air of Rye Brook, New York For The Perfect Family Getaway

After the excitement of the new year and the holiday’s pass, most of us settle back into a calm, predictable routine. We go back to working during the week and relaxing on the weekends. Around mid-January, the urge for a weekend getaway may settle in – embrace it! Traveling doesn’t have to take you too far, planning a family getaway weekend will give you something to dream about while at work.

Besides, it’s winter – the perfect time to get out a play, explore and see new places. Why? Because there won’t be any crowds!

If you’re looking for a jaunt outside the city, a place that features plenty of nature, lots of attractions and is a perfect family getaway from New York, then let us recommend the scenic town of Rye Brook, New York. A mere hour’s drive from New York City, Rye Brook is lush, fresh, and much calmer than the city. Don’t worry there’s still plenty to do if you wish! Here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy a winter weekend getaway in and around Rye Brook, New York.

Family Getaways NY – Planning Your Winter Weekend

In the city, an abundant snowfall can be a nuisance, in the countryside, it’s beautiful and fun! Make snowmen, go for a stroll, or even sled down a golf course!

Check Out The Iconic Oil Tycoon’s Home

Perhaps one of the most famous icons of all time – John D. Rockefeller – has one of his, many, estates near Rye Brook. The Kykuit Estate is spectacular, perched on top of a hill overlooking the Hudson Valley, the Estate features gorgeous architecture, beautiful sculptures and gardens, fascinating history and much more. An excursion you won’t want to skip.

Explore “Winter Escapes” Packages

“Treat” Yourselves to Delicious Confections

Fluffy cupcakes, sweet frosting, oh the sugary goodness of Cerbone’s Rye Ridge Bake Shop! This is one outing that will undoubtedly satisfy the entire family, kids and all!

Take a Trip Down Memory, or Rather History, Lane

New York is dense with history, and the magnificent Jay Heritage Center is a delightful place to brush up on or learn for the first time, about our nation’s beginning. The Jay Estate in Rye is the childhood home of one of our nation’s greatest leaders and Founding Fathers, John Jay. Not only is the estate historic, but it also features a stunning view of Long Island Sound.

Bask in The Beauty of the Arts

Picturesque on the outside, enlightening on the inside. Welcome to the Tarrytown Music Hall, one of the busiest theaters in the region. Featuring the best shows in music, theater, dance and film, Tarrytown attracts well over 85,000 visitors a year. To see the schedule and plan your trip, visit here.

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Simply Relax.

It’s wonderful to experience new places and things with loved ones, but sometimes all you crave is time to relax with your loved ones instead. In between activities, or all weekend long, relax and enjoy a slower pace of life at Doral Arrowwood Hotel. Nestled on 114 acres, Doral Arrowwood is an escape for the mind, body, and spirit. Run around the grounds with the kids, go for a romantic stroll with your sweetheart, or gaze out of the window at the view from your cozy hotel room.

Breathe in the fresh, country air, take your eyes off of a screen and onto the scenic surroundings. Taste delicious flavors as you dine your way through the weekend at the hotel, or out in town. Spend all day adventuring or relaxing. It’s your weekend getaway; you can have it exactly as you wish!

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